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Choose your own adventure

Performance option #1

The Seance (Ends March 26th get your tickets now!)

In this Seance, your role will be as a psychic detective/ghost hunter in a haunted space.  Some of the buildings in the area date back to the 1700s and were the site of several battles during The Revolutionary War.  Because of this, there have been many ghost sightings in the area. Aided by our Psychic the evening will start with getting to know your fellow guests and you will hear about the 8 deaths that have occurred in/near the location. You will also hear about Harry and Ada our resident spirits.   Some mentalism will follow this to warm up your psychic abilities.  Then utilizing both techniques dating back to Victorian times and modern equipment we will attempt to talk to several of the ghosts in the building!

Performance option #2
Homicide Unit

Do you have what it takes to track a serial killer?

Well In this game, you will attempt to do just that! 

The year is 1978 (We encourage you to dress the part) and the zodiac killer has victims in Riverside, San Francisco, and the surrounding areas. He/she went dormant for several years and a new letter was sent last year alluding to another killing in  Albany NY.  That new lead has led us here to the suspected home of the zodiac killer!

You have all been chosen to help out our psychic detective due to your psychic abilities, your exceptional code-breaking skills, or your intimate knowledge of the case.

This game is in the style of a murder mystery and follows the steps a real investigation would. It requires a lot of analytical skills to solve the case but don't worry our psychic detective is there to lend you a hand if you need it! 

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