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Choose your own adventure

Performance option #1

The Seance

Are you brave enough to join The Undercover Unit's rookie squad? Well, you won't have much time to exchange pleasantries before you are thrown into your first case.  In our current game, you are a psychic detective attempting to solve the mystery surrounding the H.H Holmes Murders. Did he kill 20 or 200? That's what you are here to find out!  In order to solve this case, you will use modern techniques/equipment and even enlist the help of a psychic detective to help you solve the case. This squad isn't for the weak but I think you have what it takes to survive!!
The evening will start with getting to know your fellow guests in a creepy dark basement in an actual haunted building built back in the early 1900s.  This will be followed by some magic/mentalism.   Then utilizing both techniques dating back to Victorian times and modern equipment we will attempt to talk to several of the ghosts in the building as well as make contact with H.H. Holmes one of Americas first Serial Killers who lived and was hung for his crimes right here in Philadelphia. The evening will end with a pitch black seance!
So if you are looking for things to do in Philadelphia. This game is the perfect date night or girls night out adventure!
Are you ready for an evening filled with magic, mystery and sheer terror?
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Performance option #2

Undercover Unit

Do you have what it takes to infiltrate the mob?

Well In this game, you will attempt to do just that! 

You are an undercover agent sent to assist Detective Gomez in his case. He has been working on this case for the last 2 years and isn't too happy that he is being sent over a batch of rookies to assist in this case. 

You will act like a real agent in this interactive theatrical game. You will be tasked with learning an undercover persona, interviewing witnesses and talking to informants but stay sharp because you have to go in unarmed to avoid suspicion and one little screw up can not only blow your cover but end your life. The performance ends with a mock trial and you are put on trial to see if these criminals go to jail or are set free the fate of this case is in your hands will you rise to the occasion or will you be wacked?   I guess we will see.