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As close to real as it gets

Our games are usuallyare only set up for 4-6 people

Well what if I have a larger group you ask? Don't worry we have the game for you. It's called as close to real as it gets. In this game we come to you and we will set up a special game just for you. It can be in a hotel, in your office, your home or any other location that we have permission to set up in.

Maybe you are here for a seminar and want to do some team building. Maybe you are planning a themed bachelor/bachelorette party or just want something different for your anniversary/birthday party this year. We can even tailor the script to include your specific details.

Packages range in price depending on your needs but it can be as low as $75 per person

Minimum people for this game are 15 and maximum is 30 people (larger groups then 30 would have to be split and put into a later game) The game lasts about 2 -3 hours

The game is a murder mystery format but you are the police conducting the investigation. You will conduct subject interviews, surveillance, collect evidence, serve warrants etc. Pay close attention as you will have to make your report at the end. One word of warning though this is AS CLOSE TO REAL AS IT GETS!!!!!!

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